Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Snapshots Part 2

I forgot to include these in the last post.  Hubby took both kids to the top of Pinnacle Mountain while I stayed home.
 Major Grandparents - please notice the Camelback and his bomber t-shirt.  :)

Mr. Intensity made another bull whip.  This is my favorite yet.  Video below.


John said...

Thanks for the pictures of the two cutest kids in Arkansas!! Love the t-shirt and I'm glad he could use his Camelback. :) Also, what a creative bullwhip! Love the sound. Looks like it was really nice weather for the hike.

John said...

Also, I noticed that JI's hair appears to be darker. He has always been so very blonde, partly from the Arizona sun, I guess, but now his hair is darker in the photos. Does it look darker to you?


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