Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend Snapshots

The city gave away mulch this weekend. We borrowed a neighbor's truck and got two loads of FREE mulch!
Sister loved every minute.
This bush is now by the curb.  I do not understand why anyone would plant these prickly holly bushes.  They are evil if you step on a fallen leaf, or heaven forbid, brush against it.  I take that back, I know why people plant them: they will never die.  Unless you dig them up.
Last weekend, we traded sweat equity with a friend, Matt Maguire.  Yes, Matt Maguire - his real name.  He fought with dug bushes and in two weeks, we will go to his house and help.  Win-win for both families.
Brother got in on the chopping action.
Remember when my parents were here in October and we chopped the bushes to wash the windows?
Since then, a landscape architect friend drew up free plans for us - yay!  We decided the wicked bushes should be ripped out.  I'm excited to plant new flowers.  He described the theme "sort of English-garden-ish."  It will look a bit rustic, creative and wild...not very groomed...and just my style.  
After working in the yard, Sister took a nap then brother and I went to the Children's Theatre to see "If you take a mouse to school."  It was very creative.  We both enjoyed it. (except I get crazy headaches after being in that theatre...I must be allergic to something in there.)
Once home, Hubby took us out for dinner.  Then we went to Home Depot where Sister found something just her size.  In this picture, she is hamming it up - pretending grunt at the weight of the shovel.  This was picture #2 because #1 was blurry and she went and posed again.  Silly girl.
And Sunday nights are all about a messy kitchen.  It's kombucha night.  One of two nights a week since I'm bottling ELEVEN gallons a week now.  We drink about a gallon a day.  I told my people that we must slow down our consumption.  Four of the gallons I use to barter for fresh milk and babysitting.
Please notice the pink camellias in my window.  The neighbor's bush is stunning.  In the yellow pot on the sill is a cactus that was a gift.

Oh, and somewhere along the way I was blogging for Real Food in Little Rock.  I'm doing a series of interviewing local farmers.  Well, the farmers write their articles - I just edit.  Some need more editing than others...if you get my drift.

That was my weekend.

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