Thursday, October 25, 2012

We've Been Boo-ed!

In our neighborhood, someone started the tradition of "booing."  Basically your doorbell rings and when you answer no one is there but a bag or pumpkin of treats... and a ghost is on your door saying "You've Been Booed." Plus instructions to boo 2 more people.
We were Booed last night. Today JI couldn't stop talking about it. He was so excited. And tonight, when we delivered, it was ├╝ber exciting!!!! (He went without shoes, of course.) He had very specific instructions on where I should park, when I should turn off my lights, how I should exit, etc.
Trying to keep costs (and waste) down, we colored paper sacs to deliver the goods instead of buying more plastic pumpkins - but anything will do.   John Isaac's ghosts for our neighbors' doors were the best. Esp the middle one (Thou Hath Been Booed!). Caroline just wanted to know the names of all the candies.

My friend, Heather in Phoenix, does this for her friends, too.

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