Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rice Bin for Toddlers

At the beginning of the school year I was stressing out about how I would teach a 3rd grader while keeping a toddler from tearing down the house.  Deciding to make a rice bin for my 2.5 year old I bought the bin and lid then ran out of steam (or was it courage?).  The bin sat in the garage for a few months.
This week I found rice and split peas on clearance and bought about $4 worth.  Amazing investment.
The first day we only used rice.  Both Brother and Sister have enjoyed playing.  Of course you could use a smaller bin, but I wanted one large enough so that she could get inside if she wanted.  And she did.
She asks everyday (and all day) if she can play "rice and beans."  We reserve it for school time only.  Except last night, we had some 4 year old friends over and they played in it too.
She's pretty good about keeping it all in the box but after the first day, I decided to lay a table cloth underneath.  It helps to contain most of the mess.  The remaining mess is so worth the freedom from whining, distraction, and other messes while I work with big brother.
If you're afraid of the mess, take it outside!  Leave it on your deck or in the yard.

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