Monday, November 26, 2012

From Trash to Treasure

Catalogs come rolling in this time of year.  For whatever reason, the Gospel for Asia catalog caught his attention.  Our friend, Gramm, from down the street was here as he perused the contents.  Together they became very excited about buying livestock for needy families in Asia.  It thrilled my soul to hear them talking about what they could do to earn money to buy chickens and rabbits for others!  I am impressed by GFA in that 100% of the funds for their Christmas gifts go to the missions field.  Nothing is taken out for administrative expenses.
While we were in Kentucky for Thanksgiving,  Gramm made ornaments and sold them door to door.  So once we made it back home, John Isaac was itching to make money and match what Gramm had done in his absence.  (I love it when competition is healthy!!)

I told John Isaac that if he took his wagon around to the neighbors and asked for their pumpkins, I would buy them from him for $0.25/each.  He rounded up over 50 pumpkins!!!  I was pleasantly surprised by his enthusiasm for this project - and thankful I didn't offer him $1 a pumpkin!
What shall I do with this abundance of orange flesh?  Only a few of them are pie pumpkins.  Well...I have farmer friends who will give them to their pigs and cows.

Meanwhile, Sister enjoyed some free play in the oats.
Hungry for oatmeal, anyone?


zanesmommy said...

I am surprised that the pumpkins are still in one piece. Z would have smashed them after collecting his money ;)

John and Pam Majors said...

Im proud of him!


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