Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Recap

This year our journey to KY afforded us an overnight stay in Nashville.  Hubby was meeting with some men early morning.  We tried to connect with friends but for various reasons lodging with them didn't work out so we stayed in a hotel.  Sister ate a very nutritious breakfast of Froot Loops.  It at least matched her outfit.
Once in Louisville, I stumbled upon this marquee.  I'm not really sure what a Folk Mass with Bob Dylan would be like but I bet it drew in a few visitors.
Here's a picture of Sister in the dress I made her almost a year ago.  I also made this sign for my mother-in-love (plus one for my mom).
And if you know my in-laws, you know this sticker is just for them.  We also gave my father-in-law a baseball hat with a similar logo.

From John's parents' in Louisville, we traveled 2 hours east to my parents' house.  Since Baby Boy is due January 6, we took Christmas gifts to family at Thanksgiving.  One of the family traditions on my side is re-gifting, or white elephant kind of gifts.  I was so excited about this gift to my brother.  It's a snow-village-type houseboat.  Very tacky.  Very funny because he has a for real luxurious houseboat.  We all got a good laugh out of it.  Yes, I paid good money for this one...$5 at an estate sale.
 Caroline enjoyed riding the rocking horse my dad made a few years ago for my niece.
Of course firearms were a part of the family togetherness.
Layla, age 5, even got in on the action!
 Our Rwandan friend, Alphonse, enjoyed time on the farm with us, too.
One of the gifts we gave my 9 year old nephew was this Make Your Own Gummies Kit.  It was similar to the Gum Making Kit we did in September.  
When I asked John Isaac which he liked best, he said the gum making.  I'm not really sure why.  I thought both were neat.  In my opinion, this is a great gift to give a pre-adolescent boy or girl...we also gave the gum making kit to my 11 year old niece.
Once home, he put together this wooden airplane he received from the cousin, above.
 And the next day we started into decorating for Christmas!
We brought back this star made from tobacco sticks.  Hubby stapled lights to it and now it resides on top of our porch.
I still need to get lights on my garland around the door and wreaths hung on the windows...

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