Saturday, April 6, 2013

My Birthday

I have been celebrating 37.  As in, actively celebrating for a few days now.  It started Thursday night when my BFF cooked me up a coconut cream pie.  Delicious.
The next morning was my real birthday.  Hubby took the kids to pick out flowers and a balloon.  Caroline picked out a very big princess birthday balloon.  Please also note Dove chocolates on the table.
After a quick breakfast, we picked up a friend and scrambled to the Capitol.  House Bill 1536, otherwise known as the "Raw Milk Bill" was trying to get out of committee.  They were slated to meet at 9am but the time was delayed two hours.
promised bribed the kids.  If they had good behavior during the committee meeting, I would reward them at Community Bakery.  Since we didn't make it to the committee meeting (are you kidding me - staying at the Capitol for 2 hours?!) we were eating sweets at 9:15.  Happy Birthday.
My dear husband let me go back at 11am by myself.  And I found a packed committee meeting.  Lots of raw milk supporters in central Arkansas.  Supporters of food freedom.  The bill passed out of committee (Friday) and was voted upon in the House today.  Yes, it is Saturday and our Representatives were voting.  It's the end of the session and they are trying to push things through.
Representative Alexander, the bill's sponsor, felt that if it passed in the House today that it should pass easily in the Senate.  We will see.  It passed in the House today.  Happy Birthday to me.

In the meantime, the weather is finally gorgeous.  We had an applesauce snack in the yard.  Some of us were topless.
The best I've saved for last... the bath.  I've lived in Arkansas over 12 years now and this was my first bath.  Well, first bath on bathhouse row in Hot Springs.  HB and I went to Buckstaff this morning and it was glorious.  Highly recommend it.  I will do it again.
I could write more but my little people need me.  It's been a great b-day.


MyFairLadies said...

What a fun and beautiful weekend! So glad you had a great birthday. . . sorry I missed saying "Happy Birthday" sooner.

Enjoy spring and the promise of more sleep as Schaeffer continues to grow! wendy

volscats said...

Happy Birthday friend! I had a great week of celebrations too! Fun sharing birthday week!


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