Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Weekend

1.  My parents sent a gift card to Target for the kids.  Caroline got a multi-pack of Princess shoes = totally adorable.  She calls the heels "wheels."  John Isaac got a flashlight and Pokemon cards.
2.  Governor Beebe signed the "raw milk bill." The sale of raw milk is now legal in the state of Arkansas.  This is totally awesome. 

3. Worked on our community garden.  I served a GIANT pot of beans and rice for lunch.   Kids had a blast in the dirt.
 4. Roasted marshmallows in the driveway with friends.  Super fun.
5. The best article I read all weekend: Sugar, not fat, exposed as deadly villain in obesity epidemic.

6. (saving the best for last) SCHAEFFER HAS STOPPED CRYING!!!!  ThankyouJesus!!!!  True to the definition of colic, he stopped crying around his 3 month birthday.  He was 3 months old on Thursday.

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