Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Boys' Weekend (and more)

Hubby took Mr. Intensity (now 8.5 years old) on a boys' camping weekend.  They first spent a day just the two of them hiking and camping in the Red River Gorge in eastern Kentucky.  Hubby wanted to talk seriously about the next phase of life, the traps John Isaac would encounter and how to handle them.  My man put some serious planning time into this weekend.  Maybe I can coerce him to write a blog post about it later, but one snippet I will share.
Hubby warned him about traps like drugs, alcohol and pornography.  (As his parents we were almost certain that somewhere, someone, had shown him a picture.  Maybe it was just my fearful side fretting.)  John Isaac's response to a general description of porn?  "WHAT?!  That's disgusting!!"  Whew.

Meanwhile, the littles and I were keeping things calm at home.  Checking in on our friends.  On one of (her nine!) cell phones.
 We made homemade chocolate pudding.
Is it just me, or do other moms clean out kids' rooms when they leave?  I found this note on the floor and almost died laughing (or I would just cry at his bossy-ness).  The sleeves to which he is referring to below are for Pokemon cards.  The kid LOVES to dicker.  It wears. Me. Out.  I think this note was meant for his dad since they go to Barnes and Noble and read books on Sunday afternoon.  Hubby picks which books John Isaac has to read first before he can read the "brain candy" books he's drawn to.
 Sister applied her own lipstick and said, "It's soooo pwetty!"
 I found this picture from 8 years ago.
It's about the same age as Schaeffer, now.  I cannot believe how much they look alike.  Below Schaeffer is wearing an outfit that the other two have worn.  He is smiling because HE SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!   Yes, it only took him FOUR MONTHS but the kid is sleeping more than 4 hour stretches at night.
 At one point in the weekend, I walked into Schaeffer's room to find this doll sleeping in his crib.  On her tummy, like Schaeffer, with the sound machine on.  LOUD.  Cracked me up.
 With all my extra sleep I actually had the energy to finish my curtain project.  Hallelujah
 The temperatures dipped almost to freezing (where are you spring?!) so the tomatoes had to be covered.
 The weather in Kentucky was perfect.  Can you find Mr. Intensity, below?  He's wearing camo, of course.

 Kentucky has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth, especially in the spring.
 After the father/son hike, they met Hubby's college buddy and sons at my parents' farm.  My dad really went out of his way to prepare for their stay.  He mowed a spot in the pasture, brought them a rick of firewood, set up the cinder block fire ring, made a little bucket/board bench and set out a huge trash can.
I probably don't have to tell you the boys (young and old) had a blast. 
Until it threatened rain with certainty.  :(  So Scott and his three boys went home a day early and my guys slept in my parents' house the last night.
They're home now.  And it's Hubby's turn to read this book.  It is currently Sister's all time favorite and I think I have it memorized..."How the wind blew!"

Brother re-discovered a book at my parents' house, brought it back to ours and read it to Sister.  Very sweet times. (Until they start bickering tomorrow.)
So that was our week/weekend.  How was yours?


mhutsell said...

AH. Don't you just love when life takes a turn for the better? makes you feel you really can go on!

John and Pam Majors said...

I agree about Kentucky being beautiful in the spring! Schaeffer looks adorable there! I never did see John Isaac in the woods photo. Nice weekend. I know they had a blast!


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