Monday, April 29, 2013

The Weekend

We attempted an updated family picture.  The cute little thing on the far right used many creative expressions.  The above picture is my favorite in the bunch.

Friday night, a neighbor gave us tickets to Disney on Ice.  We also scored FREE curb parking across from the arena.
Sister wore (one of) her princess outfit(s).  She was so excited and wanted her turn to dance on the ice. She chatted to me the entire performance.
Saturday we cleaned out the guest room and Hubby put together the crib for Baby Schaeffer.  He has been sleeping in our closet.  The sweet thing is still waking at 3 &6am.

Sunday Tom Sawyer had a friend help him wash our neighbor's van.  The neighbor offered (in a text) $20 for him to wash and detail the inside.  I told her that for this 8 year old, who isn't keen on details, $5 would be sufficient.  I asked him if he would like to wash her van.

Ever the entrepreneur, his first question was, "How much will she pay me?"  And he was thrilled for $5.

Another neighbor strolls past while he is washing the van and asks, "How much is the going rate for car washes these days?"

Promptly he pipes up, "Nine to fifteen dollars."  The boy likes to dicker.

Sunday night I pulled out the bin of 3T clothes I've been collecting for Sister.  My mom has been buying pieces and a neighbor gave me a BUNCH of clothes.  It seems like white is the color of choice, as she has at least 9 white shirts for the summer.  (I think I need to buy stock in OxyClean.)  I am so thankful for these clothes!

Speaking of white, she wore a white dress to the closing ceremony of Comm. Central (Brother's homeschool co-op) today, Monday.   Please notice the pink sparkly Hello Kitty shoes, they are now MIA - I think left on the playground.  My kids hate shoes.  Oh well, at least we left the house with shoes on the feet.
 The baby face is quickly leaving.
We came home and played in the yard.  Brother is loving playing in the creek behind our house these days.
And for nostalgia here's a picture from our wedding, almost 14 years ago.  The other two guys were some of Hubby's closest friends in college.  They still keep in touch.  This coming weekend all three guys and their sons are going camping, as they've done annually for years. (Here's a post from when they went in 2009).
Last but not least - if you're looking for a new recipe, here is one of our new favorites.  Last fall, I roasted several chickens and froze the meat in two cup portions.  You could use a rotisserie chicken from the deli, too.

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The Eberle Family said...

We were babies!!! Love that pic and instill remember your wedding very well! And the boys are super excited to hang with John Isaac this weekend!!


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