Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Caroline Loves Gum

My sweet daughter lives for gum.  She asked for it before breakfast this morning.  I told her she had to eat first.  Half way through her toast she asked about it again.

Because I didn't want it to be a battle all. day. long, I tried to make myself clear:

You are just getting ONE piece of gum today.  Just one.

Making sure she understood, I asked, "How many pieces will you get?"

Caroline holds up two fingers and says sweetly with a smile, "Two."

"I need to make myself clear because I don't want to argue all day about gum.  You are getting only one piece of gum.  This is the only piece you will get today.  One piece of gum.  Do you understand?  How many pieces will you get?"

She said, "Not five."


John and Pam Majors said...

Oh how cute!!!! Not five!

The Eberle Family said...

And that is my Lydia!! Gotta love those strong girls!! :-)


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