Tuesday, July 16, 2013

cru Staff Conference 2013

The purpose for our being in Colorado this summer is two-fold:  John was teaching a Biblical Interpretation and Communications class the first four weeks and now for the biennial cru staff conference.  Our family loves "Colorado summers."

The staff conference kicked off with a county fair on Sunday night.  We hit the photo booth first thing. 
John Isaac zipped down the line.
Caroline rode the ferris wheel (without anyone from our family - I was shocked she was so brave!)
 And she was thrilled to ride a pony!
Because it is a private event (for 6,000 people!), everything is free - including panda face painting.  So fun.
 Lots of carnival rides.  She is with a boy that lives across the parking lot in our apartment complex.  They are the cutest of friends.
Monday morning a new emcee was announced.  (Bob Horner hung up the mic last year.)  One of my favorite parts of staff conference is watching all the new staff walk across the stage.  Gives me chills every time.
Hubby and I are taking turns staying home with the baby and watching the live stream.  Allistair Begg  has spoken 3 times.
 This year Hubby celebrates 15 years on staff, and God providing for our family.
 His name is on the bottom of the 5th column, just above my finger.  (I joined 14 years ago.)
It is a great privilege to be here.  I love this place.

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John and Pam Majors said...

Just now looking at this. What a fun time for all of you! I'm sure JI loved the hipline, but i was also surprised that Caroline liked the ferris wheel. Nice.


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