Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Caroline's Preschool

I've set up a preschool of sorts for Caroline (39 months old). I'm trying to occupy her long enough to get John Isaac started on school...while Schaeffer naps.

John Isaac was at co-op Monday and she was chomping the bit to get in there. We "played" for 2 hours...me showing her how to do the activities long enough for comprehension but not long enough for mastery. This was valuable time since I got a feel for what she liked to do, what she could do, and what was too hard for her. The activities were tweaked accordingly. She loves order -thus lots of sorting.

If you have littles, here are ideas for your preschool.

Tongs with bells, (sensory & practical life) 2 sizes into silicon muffin cups

 Threading - necklace making with pasta.
 Pouring water (practical life) - I'll give her a measuring cup (2cups) of water in the morning.
 Popsicle sticks for open ended construction
 Moon sand (sensory) with different utensils.
 Separating colored poms (visual & tactile sensory). They're all jumbled together in a plastic bag now.
 Putting small marbles in the suction cups of this butterfly soap thingy. (Small motor skills)
For more ideas, check out the Montessori activities John Isaac did as a youngster, as well as old(er) blog posts labeled preschool.

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