Sunday, November 10, 2013

Days Are Long...The Years Are Fast

Each Sunday night as I look back through the pictures on my phone, then attempt to blog about our week, I'm surprised at how fast the week has rushed passed.  Conversely, everyday -especially from 4-6pm- I think, "Could this day be any S-L-O-W-E-R?!"

Here's a glimpse into our week.

John Isaac has a building bug.  He has spent many hours in the garage hammering and sawing away at interesting "projects."  Below is a goal post and it is surprisingly sturdy.
We had a wee-bit of car troubles this week and so, we took Daddy to the dentist one afternoon.  Waiting for him the parking lot (after running errands) the natives were restless.  I remembered that a friend had returned the exercise ball so I let Schaeffer "play" with it.
  Hilarious.  He thought it was awesome.  And it bought me a few minutes.
 The first indoor fire of the season happened this week.
A neighborhood friend took pictures of the kiddos for our Christmas cards.
 Hubby spent the entire day Saturday in the treehouse.  John Isaac built the trap door all by himself.
 Saturday night we grilled burgers and chicken then ate by the fire.
Over several nights, we've been watching a few minutes of the Luther movie each night.  Of course Caroline is oblivious to the plot, etc. and it is hilarious the questions she asks while we watch.  Like, "Why is Luther hiding?"  Hubby answered because the Pope wanted to kill him.  She responded, "Who is the Poker?"  She says some really funny things.  I love this age.

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John and Pam Majors said...

I love it that John Isaac likes to build things! I love the pictures of the cutest kids in Arkansas too!


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