Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween & Tree House

The day after Hubby's Unusual 40th birthday party, he left on a business trip.  John Isaac wrote him a sweet welcome home note.  Below is page two.
Hubby came back in time for Halloween.  We had dinner at Chipotle and took advantage of their $3 Boorito (if dressed in costumes).
Baden Breitenstein (visiting from Uganda) trick-or-treated with us.  Notice Sister's costume change after dinner.  And yes, she hunted for candy barefoot while Brother actually wore shoes.  Half way through trick-or-treating she said, "Snow White is so excited about trick-or-treat!"
 Once home we had "the great candy swap."
A neighbor has been showing John Isaac magic tricks and even took him to buy some this weekend!  He has loved entertaining anyone who will pause for his show.
 This book has been consulted more than once while building the tree house.
 The walls went up this weekend.  
They are making serious progress.
I'm not sure who's most excited.  Both are ready for the project to be complete, just for different reasons.

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John and Pam Majors said...

Love all the pictures! From Snow White to camo to tree houses, thanks for including us in your fun.


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