Sunday, December 15, 2013

Our Week in Pictures

We have the tree up!  Grandparents sent back a TON of gifts with the kids last week.
Baby Jesus is already napping in our manger, face down I might add - because that is how our baby naps.
 And our baby Jesus is a girl who wears a bow.
I'm hiding all kinds of nutrition in my chili.  How about you?  Below is roasted butternut squash that is about to be stirred in.
 Comm. Central is on break but we continue to play math games.
We made salt dough ornaments this week.  The Arkansas ornament I gave to a friend who moved here this year.
 It was really fun making and painting them and it has been even more fun giving them away.
This tiny heart ornament I hung on a small tree and gave to a friend who miscarried this summer.  The due date is quickly approaching.
Highlight of the week: Dr. Wayne Grudem joined us for dinner!!  Funniest moment: he was sprinkling cheese on his chili and Caroline was very worried he was taking too much.  Thankfully he was talking and he didn't hear what she was saying (should I be thankful she was interrupting him?).  He wasn't taking too much, by the way.  It's that she loves cheese so much we have to ration her cheese so she will eat other things at dinner.
And how cool is this - he asked John Isaac at dinner what books JI was reading…the next day, Dr, Grudem told Hubby that he wanted to encourage JI to keep reading and gave him $20!  Just to be fair, he also gave Caroline $20, too.
 More math.  And the baby also got in on the action!
Maybe the week's highlight for John Isaac was helping with an Amish furniture commercial.  He was asked to "wreck furniture."  The premise of the commercial was that only American made (Amish) furniture can withstand the havoc from today's child.  The coordinators of the commercial gave him a small gift after the day's work to say thanks.  He said, "Why are they thanking me?  I should be thanking them for getting to destroy furniture!"  His antics included pulling legs off a table, hacking the top with a hatchet, sawing legs off a chair and shredding a leather seat.  Sounds like a dream job for him, no?
 Last night we went to The Summit Church's Christmas program.  It was very good.  Friends (& neighbors) of ours were starring in the 30 minute movie, Gate 25.
Schaeffer IS SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!  It has been over a week and I think I can safely say this is a trend.  I am so thankful.

Hope your week is not too busy and are able to spend time as a family savoring the season.

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