Friday, December 20, 2013

Sweet Caroline Says...

Caroline has said some of the sweetest things lately.

While brushing her teeth and getting ready for bed Caroline said, "I really really love you Daddy." 

Then she paused and said, "And I love purple and blue and pink." 

Then, after a longer pause, she whispered with a sheepish little smile, "And I love Jesus!"

Then she said "I like that people share. I like that momma shares her things with Holly and Holly shares her things with momma."

Yesterday she said, "How do we get to heaven?"

Me: If we believe in Jesus came to earth to pay for our sins, and we love him while we are alive, then when we die we will go to heaven and be with Him.

CJ:  I'm not ready to die yet

Me:  Me either.

CJ: I don't want to die on the cross.

Me: you don't have to, Jesus already did for us.

CJ : Why?

Me: Cause he loves us sooooo much.

CJ: oh.

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