Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentines Weekend

Friday morning, HB and I tackled a mini-batch-cooking project.
 Friday afternoon, I took the kids to The Wonder Place, it's like a children's museum near our house.

 HB made this outfit (pants and shirt) for her girls and passed it on to us.
John Isaac spent the last 15 minutes of our time at the Wonder Place cleaning up ...of his own volition!  A worker saw him and rewarded his efforts with this token.  I was really proud of him.
Saturday, while Schaeffer slept and Hubby put the finishing touches on his sermon, the big kids and I went for ice cream at the Green Corner Store.  I love that place. 
My parents sent cash earlier in the week to treat the kids, so we continued the splurge by watching the Lego Movie.  (I thought it was terribly boring but the kids enjoyed it.)

Today is Sunday.  Hubby preached a sermon on remembering from Psalm 78.  (Once posted, you should be able to listen to it here.) An older couple from the church joined us for lunch.  The weather was nice so John Isaac was biting the bullet to be in the creek with his buddies.  The rest of us had naps.

After waking, I did my menu planning and headed to the grocery and came home with some blood oranges.  I peeled several and offered some to Caroline.  I thought she would love them because she loves oranges and because they are red inside.  She was appalled by the name.  It was as if I were offering her severed fingers.  Never did it cross my mind that it would gross her out.

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