Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Weekend

Seems fitting the last post was Valentines Weekend...and now Easter Weekend.  Maybe this will turn into a "holiday" blog.  :)

Hubby had Good Friday off, so we packed up the fam and headed about an hour north to Petit Jean State Park to hike.  Gorgeous weather.
It's a short hike.  The bummer is the trail is straight down at the beginning, which means straight up at the very end when everyone is hot and tired.  Nonetheless we enjoyed a nice picnic lunch at the falls.
 Caroline was a trooper until after lunch.  Then she demanded to be carried the entire hike back.  Hubby carried her and I carried Tubby, Schaeffer.
 The view from the lodge and top of the hike.
Saturday morning we dyed eggs.  Raw...and used them for the egg toss later in the day.
We hosted a neighborhood egg hunt in our park and used the Resurrection Eggs to explain the real meaning of Easter.
 I *think* I counted 20 kids pre-hunt but I felt a little crazy as cruise director.  :)  Something I did differently this year: I explained the story, opening all the Resurrection Eggs before the hunt.  Then, I told the kids, "If you find one of these numbered eggs, bring it to me.  I will give you $1 if you can tell me the significance of the object."  Of course I gave them the dollar when they brought their egg, regardless if they were able to re-tell the story.  By telling the story before the hunt I think this helped keep the attention of the children.  For future egg hunts I will do that again.  Because after the hunt, no one wants to listen...they just want to eat candy.  Who can blame them?
I asked everyone to bring 12 eggs filled with candy.  The friends I knew who were bringing kids, I asked to bring extra eggs in the event kids came without eggs.  Turns out each kid found about 20 eggs each!

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