Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Outfits

I tried to add these pictures to the previous post, but for whatever reason, Blogger didn't think I should.

Anyway - here were our costumes outfits for Easter morning (all compliments of my mom).  Caroline's dress was from my sister's daughters (both wore it).  Schaeffer is 15 months and still not walking (totally fine by me) but I love smocking and Peter Pan collars.  I know he will probably hate seeing himself in these outfits.  I suppose he can pay me back when he chooses my funeral clothes.  Wouldn't that be funny - an old lady wearing smocking and Peter Pan collars...
And I was so excited about my dress.  I scored it from Ann Taylor for $5.88 - regularly priced $149.  Who pays retail?!
Hubby wasn't in the photo shoot because he was still getting ready.  He had a slow start because he was a saint last night with Mr. Schaeffer, who decided to celebrate Resurrection Day a bit early and cried until 2am.  We have no idea what was wrong.

He is Risen!


kate spade pumps said...

Good quality workmanship, material; the fit matched the sizing details, which by the way was great; as i was lost until the seller compared their sizing to 'women' sizes. So pretty much all was as described.

John and Pam Majors said...

You all look great! I love your dress, great find! Caroline looks so sweet in that dress. Schaeffer seems to be happy now.


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