Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Weekend Happenings {Super Bowl}

We switched Schaeffer to forward facing (even though I know the recommendation is rear-facing until 2 years old.)  The seat we have borrowed from friends is a tank.  I can't remember the brand but it is heftier than Britax.  It's crazy sturdy.  It reclines ever so slightly so he looked really uncomfortable riding backwards.  Despite the picture below he was really happy about being turned around.  Big Brother put the glasses on him and he looked really cool until I pulled out the phone for a picture.  Then he decided he wanted them off. 
I've started The Count of Monte Cristo.
 The "Sweet Potato Lady" stopped by with a delivery this weekend.  John Isaac and pals had the best time playing with these 40 pound boxes.  They played for HOURS with them.  Who needs gaming systems when you have sweet potatoes?
 I had helpers making the Super Bowl treats.  It's a pepperoni football with mozzarella laces.
 He made a fruit stadium with kale for grass and an orange seed for the football.
We watched the game at our neighbor's.  Schaeffer sat for about 15 seconds in this chair.
Ready for another week?

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John and Pam Majors said...

So nice. Schaeffer looks so content in the chair. He looks like he'd been rocking away for hours. Funny that he was only there for a bit. Glad you had fun.


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