Sunday, May 18, 2014

Caroline is FOUR!

Caroline turned four.  How can this be?  Her actual birthday was almost two weeks ago.  She was in Kentucky (being spoiled by BOTH sets of grandparents!)  It rained most of last week (I wanted an OUTDOOR party.)
So Sunday after lunch I said to Hubby, "How about a party tonight for Caroline?"  He agreed and I texted all our people.  Crazy enough, people actually came on short notice.  She felt loved.  All the children were standing in front of her, or behind the camera.
The weather was cool enough that we were able to have a bonfire and roast marshmallows for s'mores {insert pictures}.

Oh how you are loved!  You bring so much joy to our days.  We are thankful for your sweet disposition, your attention to detail, your love for all things pretty, and most of all - your heart for God.  ~ Momma

Some Caroline sayings:

:: I don't want strawberries, I'll take just cream.

:: She begins most questions with do or doo's, I suppose it is a form of does.  For example, "Do it gonna rain today?"  More seriously: "Doo's God the father sad when his son died?"

:: Caroline: What are you doing?
me: praying for Daddy to be like Jesus...don't you think he's already like Jesus?
Caroline: yeah, except he doesn't wear much white clothes
**ironically he changes into a black t-shirt after work most days.

And while I'm ratting out my kids, this one is about my oldest:

John Isaac often takes his Action Bible to church and reads it during the sermon. Last Sunday John was preaching.

At one point JI looks over at me with bright orange earplugs in his hand and asks, "Can I put these in my ears? It is hard for me to read while dad is preaching."

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John and Pam Majors said...

She looks so pleased!


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