Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cranberry Tradition

Mom and Dad will be so proud.  Today I made cranberry relish - it's a family tradition.  About this time every year Mom would buy at least a dozen bags of cranberries to make this tasty dish (and freeze most of it).

One change I made: instead of using white sugar as a sweetener, I used maple syrup.


Phebe said...

Hi Julie,

You all look like a fun lot! Looks like you've been blogging for a while. I'll be by to check your blog out more thoroughly asap. Make a great day!

Phebe :-)

Wadas Family said...

Do you share your recipies? This looks amazing!!! Good to hear the adoption is going well so far...we'll keep you in our prayers!

Julie said...

the recipe:
bag of cranberries, one apple, one orange, one pineapple (or a can, drained)- shred it all in a food processor...then add enough sweetener (white sugar, maple syrup, etc) until it doesn't make your mouth pucker.


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