Thursday, November 20, 2008

Solo Art Group

Preschool art group this week was quite sad boring.  Levi's family left for Kenya, Julia's mom was sick, and Destany & Lucas just needed home-time.  So, that left me and Mr. Intensity.

We started the day by making a turkey.  He loves using the stapler, and he bammed a few feathers into a paper plate.  Lovingly he affixed a beak and legs then scribbled more feathers.

The next craft was copied inspired by Chrissy & Annabelle: blowing paint onto paper in the shape of a turkey.
He then requested a paint brush.

And this picture of his mid-morning snack was taken by Mr. Intensity.  Downloading my pictures is a treat.  I usually find a random picture surprise.  Or, at least I don't remember taking a picture of cheese and crackers.


N from the Learning Ark said...

I really like your turkey and thats just given me an idea for another art activity. Thanks

Julie said...

love the turkey idea...thanks!

John and Pam said...

John Isaac, I love your pictures!!! Take some pictures of Momma and Daddy for me.


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