Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Feeding the Tortoises

Friday night I learned something new about one of my friends.  She told me her husband keeps tortoises in their back yard.  I was fascinated and invited myself asked if I could bring Mr. Intensity over.  

So I made some tomato soup to have an excuse to swing by.  I didn't take the soup, I took the veggie scraps from making the soup.  My worms aren't eating as much of our vegetable scraps as I'd like.  It kills me to throw away such good compost.

The tortoises thanked me for the scraps - they said it was much better than tomato soup, any day.  

Below - my guy holding a baby tortoise.  He didn't want to hold one in the preschool class a few months ago.  [Notice that he's barefoot!  It's November!  Another reason to love Phoenix.]
People often ask me if we have pets.  Nope (and it's quite safe to say that I'll never have a pet).  This is one reason.  I don't like to clean up after them.
And this last picture doesn't do justice.  Their back yard reminds me of my favorite place.  They are both landscape architects.  Don't ya think the tortoises do a smashing job of keeping the lawn trimmed? 


Julie said...

Those tortoises are HUGE... at least to me they are! Wow. I bet JI loved it!!!

Thank you so much for your mommy encouragement about thinking outside of the box. I am trying to find things for him to do and things I have.... thanks!

John and Pam said...

Wow! What fun for JI. They are huge! What a great landscaping job. Nice!

Anonymous said...

Cool! Who would have ever thought to have tortoises as pets?! Yes, they do an awesome job of keeping the yard trimmed!


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