Monday, November 24, 2008

Good Clean Fun

Isn't this turkey the cutest?  Mr. Intensity made it at church yesterday.  

...and look how handsome my guys were in their almost matching shirts.
This morning was another story.  It's the day I "bless" my home by cleaning it.  He was blessing me by entertaining himself on the patio.  I *thought* he was in the dirt until I heard the hose running.

He filled his little bit of heaven and jumped in.  No harm done, eh?  It's only mud.

One thing led to another and my next trip on the patio to hang laundry found him "painting" on the wall with the mud.  Yum.

By that time he was finished playing by himself.  

He didn't want to take a bath, so I let him clean up (by himself, the Montessori way:) in the bathroom sink.  A bit later, I heard a glass candle holder fall off the counter.  

Just one more thing sacrificed in the name of fun at our house.  Who needs candles, anyway?  The expressions on his face while in the mud was totally worth it.


John and Pam said...

Ah Julie, such a good attitude you have!!! What an understanding Momma JI has! :)
I LOVE the guys in their shirts! Did JI think that was super to dress like Dad?

Julie said...

I had a good attitude until HE WENT BACK OUT THERE and made a bigger mess a few hours later. He went straight to the tub.

The shirts - yes...JI thought it was the BoMB that they were dressed alike. he LOVES his daddy.

Julie said...

Seriously Julie... you are an awesome mom! I love reading JI posts... he cracks me up!

Phebe said...

Thanks for blogging with the inclusion of fun. Reminds me about all things less serious in life. :-) Hey! Wanted to let you know about the blog giveaway on my blog. Go check it out if interested! Keep making and having fun!

N from the Learning Ark said...

Ah the mud looks like so much fun, it's a boy thing i guess. Little-N only gets to do that at school!


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