Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Few of Our Favorite Things

 - Laura compiled a wonderful list of Christmas ideas for preschoolers, that's worth reading.  She shares my sentiment that open-ended toys are best.  Click here for my classic toy list.   
 - Meg wrote a post about her favorite online shopping sites (and tips)
 - Melissa posted O's favorites, too.
 - Here's the Warillever's list.*
I've added several things to Mr. Intensity's Wishpot list.

To the list for preschoolers, I would add Handwriting Without Tears wood pieces.  Mr. Intensity can be quite creative with these.  When I got them out the last time, I encouraged him to make shapes.  Secretly, I hoped to make letters, too.  He decided to make a humongous ice cream cone.

Mr. Intensity's preschool teacher recommends Magna Tiles.  She's taught preschool for about 30 years and said, "Every class is different; each has it's own personality.  Certain children gravitate toward certain toys.  However, year after year, EVERY class loves the Magna Tiles.  They are pricey.  But they are worth it."  Even 8-year-olds like them.

When picking Mr. Intensity up from preschool last week, many of the boys were wearing capes on the playground.  His teacher let me borrow a cape to use as a pattern.  It took all of 15 minutes to make.  Love a project that is that fast.

Starry Sky Ranch wrote a post this weekend with great sewing links.  I didn't use any of her links, but there's a cape pattern in there.  It pushed me over the edge and made me make a cape.   I also made one in shimmery pink to give a birthday princess.  Beware!  If you start making capes, they are addictive.

Mr. Intensity chose the flame fabric.  He thinks it makes him run faster.

One more potentially addictive project I'm going to share: sewing plastic bags. If my sister sees this, she will really think I've gone crazy green

ChicaSchmica made me do it.  Go look at her cute party hats.

Just to experiment, too see what the hype was all about, I started fusing (ironing) a plastic bag.  Next thing I know I had several plastic rectangles.  I couldn't just have a bunch of rectangles sitting around, so I sewed a bag.  I'm weird, I know. ( Julie A. - this is one project where all the materials can be found in Hungary!)  

*What are your favorite things for preschoolers? 


Chrissy said...

That bag is awesome! I really need to work on my sewing skills so I can make more stuff with the fused plastic. Thanks for the links...the Magna Tiles look really cool!

Julie said...

that bag is cool, but now I need to learn how to sew...which I want to, my mother in law is going to teach me after the holidays because she leaves in a week for America...

Thanks so much for the ideas...

John and Pam said...

Thanks for all the pictures of JI with his cape! I'll bet he thinks he could fly if he just got the speed up! How kind of you to make him such fun things.

Melissa said...

Great minds think alike :) Thanks for linking to my post. I love the cape and the bags!

Melissa said...

Do you have a link for a tutorial for the bags or could you give a few more details, pretty please?! I'd love to make some for Christmas gifts.

Xia said...

My kids are actually writing a wish list letter today :) I'm curious to find out what they would like for Xmas this year.

Julie said...

Melissa - Check ChicaSchimica's link for how to fuse the plastic. As for a pattern for the bags, I didn't really have one. I just sort of made it up as I went. The rectangles of fused plastic weren't exactly the same size so it was a bit like putting together a puzzle. The cool thing about the plastic is that you can cut it to size with scissors.

I'm not sure how helpful this rambling is - let me know if you get stuck or have a specific question once you get into the project.


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