Saturday, November 1, 2008

Going Green or Crazy?

My sister thinks I've lost my marbles.  On the phone the other day she said, "You're really getting into this green thing!"

I think we were talking about herbal remedies.  I'd just been to a natural living seminar and read this book.  Maybe it was the homemade dishwashing detergent (gone awry) or the homemade deodorant or natural insect repellent.  

This week I made yogurt in my crockpot. The consistency was a bit runny, but it was perfect for smoothies!  If you're interested in making it, read the comments of the blog post.   BTW, because milk was on sale, I made about 1/2 gallon of yogurt for $1.25.

In the beginning of the summer, I made toothpaste but didn't really like the taste or texture.  Last week I found a tastier recipe.  My bathroom is too warm (we're still using the A/C) so the coconut oil turned to liquid which grosses me out.  But, when it was paste-y, I liked it.

Since having gestational diabetes, learning about nutrition has been interesting to me.  Recently I've learned about the nutritional benefits of soaking grains and lacto-fermentation (and made sauerkraut last night.) A few times I've soaked our oatmeal and I like it - when I can remember to soak the night before!  

Because of the amount of recipes on-line, I've almost sworn off buying anymore cookbooks. I'm going have to make an exception for Nourishing Traditions.  What a wealth of information!!  Not only are the recipes great, but so many basics are explained.  Like, why white sugar is bad and maple syrup is better.  Or why saturated fats (like butter, cream, animal fat) are essential for cell growth.  The benefits and how-tos of soaking and sprouting grains, beans and nuts are explained.  And that hydrogenated oils are horrible for you.  If you've ever used Crisco, this article is a MUST READ.

Maybe I am going green - or crazy - but mostly I'm trying to be kind to my family and my body.

Here are some blogs that have brainwashed me I've enjoyed reading lately:


Ashley said...

I would love to hear about more things as you try them...or cool tidbits you find out! We have switched some things but not everything. I can definitely FEEL a difference, though, when I am using mostly organic/green stuff for body care. Unfortunately, we have to do it on a budget and some of the green stuff on the market just doesn't work so great!

reprehriestless warillever said...

Thank you for the links. I am going the same kind of crazy or trying to be more green as well.

Professional Mommy said...

LOVE the homemade yogurt thing. Sounds like a huge savings. This is actually something I can do and am going to try it.

John C. Majors said...


Julie said...

I LOVE your hubby commenting on your blog... how cool! And I think you are a blessing... I love learning this stuff, thanks for sharing...

oh and I tried some of the things you mentioned like your sis does with your niece and Jasper doesn't get ANY of it. Tried the stickers, he gets them stuck to his hand and gets frustrated...and he just isn't there yet, but I will keep trying!


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