Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Thursday at 4AM we roused Mr. Intensity from his slumber. It didn't take him long to get fired up. He was so excited to be going to KY.

To help ward off jitters and a 3 hour layover in St. Louis he ran around. I mean that very literally. (Remember the gold booger the last time we were there?)

Shortly after take off from St. Louis, the adrenaline wore off and he konked out

It was Mr. Intensity's first time to meet "baby Hannah." Hubby's brother's family just moved back from Germany this fall. "Baby Hannah" was born there 20 months ago. On Monday we went to the Louisville Slugger factory and museum. On Sunday, Lauren (Hannah's mom) and I got ready for church but failed to consult the other on wardrobes. We both wore blue turtleneck sweaters, black pants and a red overcoat. :) Today we planned to do some last minute shopping and laughed when we greeted each other in matching black shirts. That girl has good taste! While out we picked up more yarn for Lauren to make her 3rd no-knit scarf. At the craft store, I bought materials to make a jingle bell and bead bracelet/craft for the kids. They enjoyed themselves. Hannah did surprisingly well with the threading. At dinner we heard lots of jingling.
Tonight we ate the Happy Birthday Jesus cake. Yum.

Tomorrow we leave Louisville and head east to my parents' house on the farm.
Merry Chistmas, y'all!


Julie said...

Merry Christmas... have fun!

missy said...

looks like it was a great trip. lol about you and lauren being twinnies.

John and Pam said...

I love the pictures you posted, especially the one of JI at the airport. He looks sooo excited!! The one of him and Hannah at the bat factory was sweet.

Anonymous said...

Great times.


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