Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Adoption Update & Funny

Adoption Update
Yesterday Angela called to tell me she'd spent the weekend in the hospital.  She'd been diagnosed with bronchitis Thursday, part of that day's drama.  Saturday night she was in such pain she called an ambulance.  Remember the poor girl is without wheels.

Turns out, the infection (from bronchitis) went to her kidneys, as I understand it.  And, with all the coughing, they think she broke a rib - but because of the pregnancy she didn't get an x-ray.  From what I've heard, a broken rib is downright painful.  My mom still tells stories of her broken rib with pregnancy #3, which was 30 years ago!

Angela was scheduled for her weekly OB appointment today, but Little Rock is in the midst of an ice storm.  However, the good news is: some super-duper great friends in Little Rock have signed up to take her to the rest of her doctor appointments!  I am so grateful.  Two of them, I haven't even met face to face.  Y'all RAWK.

If you haven't subscribed to Cake Wrecks, or visit that site often, you are seriously missing out on quality chuckles.

Sunday I shared that my mother-in-love is ordering a cake for Jesus' b-day.  Here's for secretly hoping for a Cake Wreck submission  an email from my MIL: 

I ordered it this morning, and I am glad I did it early because I am not highly confident it will turn out alright.  I called and gave the DQ employee my name, phone #, size of cake (large), etc.  She asked what I would like to have written on the cake?

Me: Happy Birthday, Jesus

Her: Okay, Happy Birthday, Susan

Me: No, That’s Jesus, Happy Birthday, Jesus

Her: Justice?

Me: No, Jesus, J-e-s-u-s

Her to coworker: Can you help her?  I can’t understand what she is saying.

Coworker: Okay, what do you want on the cake?

Me: Happy Birthday Jesus

Coworker: Who?

Me:(trying NOT to shout Jesus in anger) Jesus

Coworker: What name?

Me: J-e-s-u-s

Coworker: Oh! Jesus! Sorry! (to first employee, she wants Happy Birthday Jesus)

First Employee: Okay, hon, that’s J-u-s-u-s, right?

Me:  (1-2-3- remember NOT to yell) no, J E-s-u-s.

Her: Oh, Okay! I got it!!


Shelley said...

OK. You MUST get a picture of "THE CAKE" and let us all know how it acutally turns out!

Funny - but oh, so sad...when you stop to really think about it.

Julie said...

yeah I want to see a picture of that cake too... that is funny. Haven't seen the site, but going to check it out.

Praying for Angela, and praise God for friends to help her out!!!

missy said...

so funny! i always grew up with a birthday cake for jesus. love that tradition! where did she get "susan" from????

John and Pam said...

Okay, the cake has "Happy Birthday Jesus" on it and looks fine. I sent Julie a photo, but I am not sure how to post it here. When I arrived at 2:00, the cake was not ready as promised. I was not surprised. They did give me a 10% discount for having to wait 25 minutes, at least.
Thanks to all of you for laughing with me. Shelley is right, it is a bit sad. I am hoping it was just due to poor communication,(which might explain "Susan", Missy) not a total lack of understanding the connection between Jesus and Christmas! So, "Happy Birthday to Jesus" and Merry Christmas to all of you.

Michele said...

He he - that's funny about the cake. We had a similar thing happen here...on Christmas, we were with several other families and were about to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. One gal leans over and says, "Oh - I didn't realize it was someone's birthday...who's birthday is it? Do you know?"


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