Tuesday, December 16, 2008


He found another fun game to play with his inEXPENSIVE toy.  If you push a bunch off the counter at once and they drop into a laundry basket, it sounds a bit like a machine gun.  And, if you put some into a little metal bucket and drop it, the sound is like a BoMB!

Unrelated, but still very fun... we made these candy canes.  They are quite addicting, fulfilling, fast to make and I'm very sure you have all supplies on hand.

The best part?  They're sugar free! 

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Sadie said...

Thanks for the candy cane link....I was needing another holiday activity....I think we'll make these....

I've been saving milk tops too....ours are all pink though...I was thinking the boys would use them for wheels in their various contraptions, since card board wheels don't cut it...


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