Tuesday, June 2, 2009


For my birthday, I requested that Hubby remove two gargantuan bushes from the front of our house.  The landlord was a bit reluctant to remove the bushes that were so established, but I thought it would really improve the looks of the place.  I wanted to make a flower bed.  (My b-day was in April, I'm just a bit late in reporting.)

First Hubby borrowed a sawzall to cut the roots.
Then Mr. Intensity wrapped a rope around the bush and pulled!
He wasn't quite strong enough so Hubby tied it to his truck.
Then Mr. Intensity tried his hand at the sawzall (it wasn't plugged up).
There's a reason this place is called Little Rock.  Rocks are aplenty in these parts.
The second bush wasn't as willing to be removed.  "Die!!  Die!!  Die!!!" 
Mr. Intensity found a new love: worms.
Then he became a concrete block seller.
Here's the house before: 
and after: (Notice the new glass door and blinds.)
Finally - with plants!  The perennials are from my parents and Bea; also planted are some tomatoes, peppers, onions and herbs.  When the guys went camping I was able to plant the flowering annuals and add the mulch (to cover the rocks!)
It makes me very happy.  I had the best birthday, ever!


Sherry said...

Good call! It looks so much better. :)

John and Pam said...

it looks gorgeous!! I'm sure the landlord was impressed, too.

Shelley said...

Let's see the whole front with your fancy garden!! I'm sure the color makes the front much more appealing!! And I know it's got to be much more inviting since now you can see the door!! It just screams - come on in, let's chat!

Erika said...

Nice work! Don't you love having color??? A far cry from the desert landscape (although one never needed a lawnmower in AZ either)!

Megret said...

We recently dug (tractored) out all our overgrown shrubs, too -- they were taking over the windows! Amazing how a house can look 10 years younger just by taking out the greenery.

Looks great!

Bethany said...

It's really pretty! Great thinking, hooking up the truck like that. :)


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