Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Snaggle Tooth

The inevitable happened. Mr. Itensity fell and broke one of his front teeth (at the root). We're out of town. Wouldn't really matter much because he's not yet been to a dentist. I hate that his introduction to the dentist was so traumatic. Poor kid will be scarred for life.
I was in the bedroom and heard the thud in the kitchen, then the cry. You know, the kind of cry that says, "I'm really hurt." Then he said in partial disbelief, "My tooth!!"

I didn't want to look.

He slipped on a rug, on hardwood floors. My sister said the same happened to her daughter at 2 years old, resulting in stitches in the forehead.

Hubby called one of his college friends, who is now an orthodontist. After seeing the picture, Dr. Eberle recommended x-rays at a dentist's office.
The dentist pulled his tooth.
It was agony. I think I cried more than him (Mr. Itensity...the dentist didn't cry.)

Now he's at the zoo with grandparents. He's eaten a Frosty and now cotton candy. I think he'll be fine.
I'm just thankful it wasn't worse. One bloggy momma recently spent a horrible night in the ER with her almost 4-year old son, who had a concussion.


Sherry said...

Ouch!! :(
I'm so glad it wasn't worse!

jojoebi said...

bat at least now he has real 'war wounds' to impress the girls with. :o)
PS - I love the photo at the top of your blog, it cracks me up each time I see it!

Shannon said...

Oh man! Thanks for the reminder of how lucky we have been! Josh's legs are always covered with bruises but he...so far...has avoided anything too serious!

The Eberle Family said...

Scott told me about this last night!! Sorry about that!! It's always worse on mommas!! Glad all is well now!!

Aisha said...

Ouch! Just seeing the pic makes my teeth hurt. Poor guy!

Bethany said...

Youch! I'm glad he's okay- that looks very painful!


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