Friday, April 30, 2010

Strawberry Patch

North of Little Rock, about 40 minutes is the quaint little hamlet of Cabot, home of Holland Bottom Farm. They have some very yummy strawberries. Last week we ate a flat. This week we bought three more.
I had aspirations of picking berries this season but seems like there's a little something PINK in my belly that doesn't like it when I bend over. So we let the fine folks at Holland Bottom Farm pick for us.
For those in LR, the picking is good through mid-May, maybe as late as the end of May. Call before you go: 501-843-7152. Or, head on down to the farmers market this Saturday.

1 comment:

Alecia said...

glad to see you went back for more-i was raised less than 15 minutes from Cabot.


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