Thursday, June 30, 2011

First in First Swim Meet

This morning I wasn't sure he would even race.  For my control-freak son, there was too much unknown.  After the team practice though, his confidence was boosted enough to agree to sign up to swim in tonight's meet.  He swam freestyle and breaststroke, winning first in both races.  What I probably should't tell you is that he was the oldest kid in one race (he narrowly missed the cutoff by a few months) and the only kid in the second race.  And he was only required to swim half the length of the pool.

Either way, it was a huge confidence booster.  Not that he struggles with self-esteem.  But we are looking forward to many more meets.

eating watermelon - rind and all.
Sister was his biggest fan.  Actually she was everyone's fan - clapping and even squealing with delight when everyone else was clapping.  Of course I'm biased but I thought it was super cute.  Next week she is 14 months old and still not interested in walking.  I'm soooo OK with that.
Mr. Intensity in far right lane.

The atmosphere was very encouraging and really fun.  I'm so glad our neighborhood has a pool!

Another fun thing about our new neighborhood is the fact that we've been doing a pot-luck every Thursday night in the park just outside the pool's gate.  One of the things I took tonight to put on the grill was cabbage.

OK, so I know that everyone who just read that last line is probably gagging.  Don't gag until you try it.  I was snarling my nose when I first heard it ...but when I tried it... heaven.  Seriously.

Coarsely chop a head of cabbage (like in 1/8 sections) and GENEROUSLY apply pats of butter and sprinkle salt on it.  Wrap in foil and grill that baby for 30 minutes or so.  If it doesn't taste sweet, it's not done - put it back on the grill.  Delicious I tell you.  Try it.  Everyone who tried it couldn't believe how good it was.  Just don't tell me it's gross until you try it.


Mom and Kiddo said...

I think grilled cabbage sounds good, actually.

John and Pam Majors said...

What a fun day!! JI looks sooo pleased with his ribbon! Love the picture of Caroline. :)

The Eberle Family said...

Good job JI!! Ethan didn't walk until 16 months and it was great!! By the time he started he was totally proficient at it and I worried a whole lot less!! And we love cooked cabbage on the grill--yummy-o is right!! :-)


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