Sunday, July 15, 2012

July in Review

The title of this post is "July in Review."  Yes, I realize July is not yet over but if you've noticed the trend of my mad blogging skillz this may be the only post for July.  

The month started with a bang.  We drove to Kentucky to spend time with extended family.  En route we decided to stop for the night in Memphis and go to the zoo since we have season passes with reciprocal zoo privileges.  [Note to LR zoo pass holders - it still cost us $25 to get in.]
Yes, they're wearing matching shirts.  :)  
It was our first time there and I'm in love with the Memphis zoo, it's 106 years old.  It was the 4th of July and a perfect day to visit the zoo albeit hot by the time we left at noon.  We saw many animals we have never seen before.  I could have spent the entire day in the sea lion and polar bear exhibits.
Before leaving the great state of Tennessee we were instructed by Grandpa Majors to load up on fireworks.  Mr. Intensity was working on a budget of limited time and money in this fireworks store.  He was in heaven (except for the limited time and money part).
 And so was someone else.
After blowing up celebrating our nation's independence, the next morning, I took the kids to the Louisville water park zoo. It was HOT.
After time in the big city, we travelled further east to my old stomping grounds, where everything is greener - like my mom's behemoth ferns.
Nostalgia reigns supreme.  I can't drink a cold Ale8 (KY soft drink) with Papa John's like this in Little Rock.
Of course we had to participate in some redneck games.  This is how you play in the sprinkler in the country.
Haley (now 11 years old!!) adores Caroline.  The feelings are mutual.
The MAIN reason for going to Kentucky, was to spend some relaxing time on my brother's houseboat (and get beef from Dad - thanks, Dad!).  I realized after all the cousins left that I didn't get any here's proof we were there.  The three boy cousins had so. much. fun.  And of honorable mention (definitely a highlight) my 69 year old dad water skied.  It was something he promised himself he would do if he beat cancer.
The 9 hour trip home was painful.  Caroline was so tired.  And cranky.  And loud (with tears!)  She doesn't sleep well in the car, if at all.  We were trying everything to pacify her.  Sparkly lip gloss bought us about 10 minutes of happiness.
The next morning after coming home, there was an estate sale down the street.  I couldn't believe people were lined up to go inside...with more people streaming down the street.
Best of all was my camo man, spying on everyone.  He received some new camo supplies while in Kentucky and needed to test their effectiveness.  Because of security issues, I was not allowed to take a frontal picture.
So that was July in review.  Omitted from the photos: me feeling morning sickness all day and laying on the couch as much as possible.

This week my best bud is moving 3 doors down. I'm so stinkin' excited I can hardly stand it!!!

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John and Pam Majors said...

What great pictures! I'm so glad you came. Fourth of July is so much better when Grandpa and JI get together.


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