Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Quality Games for Kids (7-10 yrs)

It's been a while since I've posted on classic toys.  Um, let's see, the only one I've done was in 2008.

Here's my bucket list - at least for the 7-10 year old range.

At our house we play a lot of games.  (It helps that we don't own a TV).  In no particular order, some of our favorites are:

Uno - You probably have this game, or have played it - so it goes without saying that it's a great game for all ages.  There was a season (when he was not old enough to comprehend other games) that we played this one several times a day.

Blokus - Strategize while developing your spatial thinking.  This game is fun for two people but even more challenging with 3 or 4.

Qwirkle - There's also a cube version, as well as a travel version.  I like this game for many reasons.  It makes me think when playing with my 8 year old but also my toddler can play along by sorting the tiles into piles of colors or shapes.

Rummikub was actually given to us as a wedding gift.  John Isaac mastered it about age 5 or 6 and we enjoy playing together.  Of course it's another toddler friendly game for sorting colors and numbers.

Double Shutter - Can you add to 10?  You can play this game.  Just don't tell the kids that they're practicing math.  John Isaac got this as a Christmas gift last year and we've enjoyed playing it all year long.  One person can play by themselves or up the ante and involve the whole family.  Toddlers enjoy flicking the tiles up and down.

Monopoly Deal - This is a card game that can be played in a FRACTION of the time of the board game, and in my humble opinion makes it a better game.  We play this at least once a week.  Mostly because of the easy access, it hides in a drawer near the dining room table.

Sequence States and Capitals - My sister and her husband introduced us to the regular version of this game.  We liked it so much that when we saw there was a states and capitals version, we were hooked!  During your fun family night, you'll be brushing up on states and their capitals - win, win!

Gum Making Kit (or Gummies) - Though not a game, this product endears me to it because it is not more clutter for the closet.  Use it, enjoy the experience and you're done.  Perfect gift (Christmas or birthday) for the child who has every Lego under the sun.

Other Links:
*Mom and Kiddo also has a post on Games for Kids: Gift Guide which includes game ideas for smaller children.
*Passionate Homemaking has a post on Fun Educational Gift Ideas for Little Ones.
*My sister sent this link to game recommendations from Memories on Clover Lane saying she liked this blogger because she was a mom of 4 boys and 2 girls.

What games and gifts do you love?  Please share.


Heather Kinkel said...

Love this! Thank you for sharing your ideas. We love Yahtzee (was it on there?!?) and another one Clay brought home from school called Shut The Box.

Shelley said...

We love games here too!! We love UNO and play it all the time. It's quite often a distraction to delay bed time..."Just a quick 5-card hand game, please!!!" I always cave!!
Blokus is a FAVORITE around here as well. Landon will even pull it out and play it by himself. He plays all 4 colors at a time. He decides ahead of time which color will win and which will lose and plays the pieces accordingly. Qwirkle is on the birthday wish list this year. I'm excited about it. I need some new games!!
Others we enjoy are Minotaurus which is a Lego game and Battleship (works on ordered pairs). We prefer the old fashioned version of Battleship.
We are looking forward to Creationary this Christmas too (it's under the tree). It's like Pictionary but with Legos!!


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