Thursday, January 10, 2013

Due Date +4

Yesterday I counted at least 19 people that called, emailed or texted me to ask about baby boy.  My mind was beginning to make me crazy anxious about his arrival so I made an appointment to see my OB.  And maybe I should mention that I always have low blood pressure except yesterday when I had it tested at Walgreens it was "in the higher range."

Today's visit was very reassuring.  Dr. Singleton is one of the most naturally minded baby docs in town (granted, I wouldn't label him as naturally minded as me! I gave him copies of the audio from last fall's WAPF conference in Dallas).  He said my blood pressure was fine for being 40+ weeks prego and would "let me go to 42 weeks without intervention."

I don't really want to go 1.5 more weeks but even more don't want to be induced.

Good news is that I'm dilated to 3; the higher blood pressure isn't a concern for my stage of pregnancy. The doctor just wants me to come in two times a week to check on baby's heartbeat and amniotic fluid, etc.

So I'm still at home - waiting for this laid back boy - having crazy amounts of contractions that are virtually meaningless.  Dr. Singleton is on call tonight and I'd love to go into labor any time.


missy said...

how exciting that you have another son joining your family!!!

mhutsell said...

oh the pain of waiting! and wondering! what day will it be? How will it be? Waiting for God to write the story is so hard and so fun!

jo ebisujima said...

Blimey, I must have missed this bit of news! Congratulations!

zanesmommy said...

Wait, a laid back boy? That would be a nice change ;) Praying for a baby soon!

NoorJanan Homeschool said...

You are doing marvelous and he will come right on time. I was always exactly 7 days after my due date. And my babies were normal, natural healthy babies.

I pray that all goes well.

John and Pam Majors said...

This is the third try at leaving comments; I hope it works.
I love the picture of Caroline and Schaeffer.
The family of 5 picture is great as it is such a huge blessing!!
And yes, your Mom looks beautiful! So glad she could be there for this baby.
Can't wait to see him. :)


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