Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Princess and Her Brothers

Caroline is very aware of princesses these days.  She is one.  She loves to dress up like one, and if you're lucky enough to be a girl, she will call you Princess.
 And ballerinas.  She loves a good dance party.
This princess potty trained herself last week (or was it the week before?).  Hubby put princess panties on her one morning and that's all it took.  She still wears a diaper at night but hasn't had one accident in the day.
Big Brother, for the most part, still ignores the fact that there's another little person in the house.  Below is a picture of a rare moment of acknowledgment. 
Little Brother is not so little.  I think he's weighing about 15 pounds - his 6 week birthday was Friday.  I know 7 month old babies who weigh 15 pounds.  Suffice it to say that nursing is going better.  But the poor boy is just not happy.  If he is awake, he is crying.  All. Day. Long.  People ask if it is colic.  I don't know.  All I know is ... nothing I do seems to help him.  I took him to a chiropractor last week and it seemed to help for a few hours but nothing lasts forever.  Last night we were up from 2-6am trying to pacify him.  Misery.  
At this point with the other two kids, we were almost sleeping through the night.

I am tired.


mhutsell said...

I want to help! Being that he is not my baby and his crying would not hurt my momma heart...I'd love to come hold him or take him for a walk or keep him while YOU go out with the other two or by yourself! I know the other two must be a little stressed with baby brother being so difficult. I WOULD LOVE TO HELP! I have lots of flexibility with big boys here to help me. Say the word! I know you have to nurse baby, but if I can be there for a few hours after he nurses or give him a bottle then I'd be glad to relieve you!

Melanie said...

I know you didn't ask for advice...but we had similar issues with one baby--I finally cut out ALL dairy. It made a huge difference, and I could tell when I cheated--for him, it was about 4 days later he was miserable again.

Hope it gets better soon one way or another! So hard when there isn't a thing you can do to console them.

volscats said...

I hate he is so miserable. Poor mama needs her rest. Praying. That is all I can do from this far away.

J Shelby said...

I hate to hear this! I know how hard that kind of tired is!

I second giving up dairy. I did for a long time with both kids. It's really not so bad once you get used to it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Melanie. Seriously consider what in your diet may be contributing to his misery. You may have already done this. Just speaking from experience! Not trying to add to your workload. :) Praying for a good night tonight.


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