Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sleep {or the lack thereof}

My sixth grade English teacher, who is still friends with my mom, sent this book to me when Mom told her we were still having sleep problems.  It was a very sweet gesture, especially because Ms. Howell doesn't have children.

Little did she know that I borrowed that book from the library and read it when Caroline was a baby.  Very helpful book, indeed.  In my sleep deprived state, I have not had the extra brain capacity to think of borrowing it again.  (A friend of mine with 5 kids said she read it with all 5 children.  It is a great resource.)

However, it is almost as discouraging as it is encouraging because most of his "hints" and suggestions end with something like...this might not work so well with post-colic babies.

Yesterday I was especially discouraged when I read this paragraph (because Schaeffer is waking sometimes 3 times at night... like a newborn!):

Thankfully the Lord renewed my heart mid-day concerning waking in the night. Though it is hard and all I can think of at times is sleep I know He is using Shay for His Glory in my life.   This exhaustion causes me to lean on the Cross in ways I would not if I were at "full capacity."

I am being refined. I am giving myself up as a living sacrifice. I am trying to view the night times as worship. Reading the sleep book yesterday caused me to come to the realization that I might not sleep for another 6 months (or more!).  Only the Holy Spirit could bring me to this place of peace 'cuz I really love me some sleep!  I am thankful that I am not begrudging my lil guy.

On an encouraging note: two days ago, I started the sleep journal like the author suggests and it has been enlightening and helpful.  We are making strides at become more predictable (unpredictability is another symptom with post-colic babies.)


mhutsell said...

Not one of my boys (none of the colicky) slept through the whole night until 10 months. Granted, they were not up three times a night, but at least once and sometimes twice they would be up to feed. Then, as if some physiological timer was satisfied, they would sleep all night and never go back. It became easier for me to accept this pattern as I had more children and I began to set my expectations as such. Knowing it was NOT forever and that this was OUR normal helped me cope. Like you, I learned to pray NEW prayers. Less, "God make him sleep" and more, "God help me through this with grace." It is a tough time, it is short though it feels awfully long. Praying you find grace to meet each days' needs! Love to you! Melissa.

Heather said...

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