Friday, June 21, 2013

Swetsville Zoo

A retired farmer and firefighter, Bill Swets, created a metal "zoo" just off I-25 in northern Colorado and today we visited it.  If you're on staff with cru and find yourself in Ft. Collins later this summer, it is literally a block off the Harmony Road exit.  (How has it taken me so long to learn about this place?!)  It is free and very enjoyable. Mr. Swets has rescued many pieces of forgotten scrap metal and curated a treasury of unique animals, insects, dinosaurs and a few creatures in between.

The attention to detail in the pieces of art is amazing.  John Isaac pointed out to me that the guy below has working corks and strings in his gun.
 It wasn't until I uploaded this picture that I noticed Woodstock standing in Snoopy's doorway.

 Take your lunch and eat under this beetle, next to the river.

This is only a fraction of the pictures I took today.  For some reason blogger won't let me upload more pictures.  (anyone know why?)

It's probably best that I not spoil the entire zoo for you.  If you find yourself in northern Colorado, check it out.

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Sarah said...

Very cool! Love the beetle and the dinosaur. Sometimes Blogger decides that I have used up my quota of pictures and tells me I have to subscribe(pay) to get more room. Usually I give it a day or two and they compress and start a new blog picture file and I am good to go....


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