Saturday, December 7, 2013

My Week

Advent begins.
Neighbors donated their pumpkins to a local farmer's pigs and chickens.
Since Hubby took the big kids north, it was my job to take the cans to the curb.  Not sure whether to laugh or cry at my eldest's antics.
 I scored some rockin' deals at Ann Taylor.  Summer clothes were $5.88 each!
 Ice storm cometh to the south.  Bread shelves are bare.
Meanwhile, the big kids are having a blast with cousins.  My parents took them all to the movies. 
I sent gifts to my parents.  These are super simple to make.  I bought canvases from Michael's and used tempera paint.
Schaeffer wouldn't keep his hand open so his contribution was two left feet.
 The ice storm came.  My prayers were answered.  The power stayed ON!  Thank you LORD!
 I went outside at one point and it sounded like raining sand.
Hubby and kids return tonight!

1 comment:

volscats said...

I hope they make it home safe and sound. Glad you kept power. Our family lost it, as usual! Your sisters' oldest looks just like her!


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