Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Week in Pictures

Monday night we went to an adoption celebration.  The "guest book", if you will, was a tree that everyone added their thumb print onto.  Clever idea, no?
Tuesday night, it was super windy.  John Isaac came downstairs and said, "I think the power will go out because it is so windy."  An hour later his prophecy came true.  Thankfully the power came back on after 90 minutes. The kids insisted on candles in their rooms.  Loosing power really freaked Caroline out.  I'm not sure why.
Schaeffer found a rubber mallet in the living room floor.  (Don't you keep a rubber mallet in your floor?)  Happy as a pig in slop, I tell you.  The kid carried it around forever, even up the stairs.  Hilarious.
 Caroline helped make cranberry relish for Thanksgiving.
 John Isaac set the table.  When Caroline came downstairs and saw the table she said excitedly, "Ooooh!  A tea party!"
My husband finished The Long Ships, a historical fiction about Vikings written in 1954 originally in Swedish.  Because Hubby talked so much about it, I had to read it.  A New York Times reviewer on the back of the book refers to the writing as "sly humor."  I sent this excerpt to friends this week, as an example of the excellent writing.  The setting is a three-day feast for the main character's son's baptism.
Hubby left Saturday for Indianapolis to teach a Biblical Interpretation class.  On his way, he dropped the big kids at grandparents in Louisville.  Of note - it was cold when they left.  My eldest was wearing shorts and no shoes.  I found his shoes an hour after they were on the road.  I laugh else I cry.
 I decorated the front door and saved the tree for the kids' return.
And am looking forward to the week with only one child!


John and Pam Majors said...

Oh I love you door! We decorated our tree, but Caroline slept through most of it. I was afraid she would be upset, but she was just happy to see the tree. Thanks for letting them come visit.

John and Pam Majors said...

That is "your" door!


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