Thursday, January 9, 2014

Getting Creative

I read this blog post earlier in the week about how being creative isn't necessarily handicrafts and Pintrest-y stuff.  It really resonated with me.  I'm a mom of three little people who need me more than they need crafts done by me.  And yet, I still feel the need to create.  How can that be done?

I loved this quote:
“I’ve come to describe what I do simply as creative living, not defined by any one craft or activity but an overall approach to life.” ~Renee Tougas, Nurturing Creativity

As a result of my mulling on that blog post, I decided to use my creative juices on lunch.  My creation isn't stellar but the kids loved it and I exercised my brain.

This was Caroline's plate.  
She had been snacking all morning so I knew she wasn't that hungry.  It's supposed to be a face, by the way.  Graham cracker/PB eyebrows, apple eyes, pecans are ears or cheeks, pickle nose and banana/PB mouth with craisin teeth.

John Isaac was hungrier (isn't he always hungry?) and he's a bit pickier of an eater.  So his plate is more of design.
Me?  I warmed up some cheeseburger soup.  Don't knock it till you try it.  I've made it three times this winter and I eat most of it myself (b.c Hubby isn't a fan of ground beef).  I love it garnished with dill pickles (today they were in the bottom of my bowl.)  I also add kidney beans which are optional in the recipe, but I like the texture they add to the soup.  I took this soup to a friend and fried 1/2 pound of bacon, crumbled it and sent it as a garnish…delish!  I like bacon but usually don't go through the work of frying it just for me.  The kids will eat soup but they'd just as rather have a snack plate.
So if you're feeling squelched in the creative arena or feel like you don't have the time or margin to be creative, go read this post for inspiration.  Be sure to read the comments, too.

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volscats said...

I read that post too! It was great. It resonated with me as well as "craftiness" is not really my thing or gift.


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