Thursday, January 30, 2014

Photo Dump & Treehouse Update

Caroline asks to "do school."  She especially loves to write.  And type.
 Big brother can be (if he wants to) a great entertainer and babysitter.
 Schaeffer loves this rubber mallet.  It's like a lollipop, I guess.
 Little Momma feeding her Big Baby.  They're almost the same size.
 All three kids love to play in the pillows from our bed.  On this day, in her red pajamas, Caroline says, "Hey Mom!  Can you find me?"  Um, dear, you need a lesson in camouflage from your big brother.
Schaeffer got a monogrammed duffle for his birthday and the bigs had the best time playing in it.
 Maybe it's just the age, but this kid is a ham.  Hubby and I think he is the silliest of the three.
Tree House Update!!
The picture below was taken from inside our house, upstairs.
 They have three walls up!  Woot woot!!

Last Saturday some neighborhood ladies met for the second time to discuss the book, Bread & Wine.
 Rubber mallet and spaghetti fork thingy.

 Little Miss is ready for summer.  Though we've had sub-freezing weather this week, she rifled through her closet to find this gem of an outfit.  I like the coordinating spider tights, don't you?
Completely random: this family lived without contact with society for 40 years.  They didn't even know WWII happened.  Here's a YouTube video about the lone survivor.

A good friend of mine from college has a blog about her journey to heal from sexual abuse.  She is a gifted writer.

Over and out.


John and Pam Majors said...

It is so nice to see the pictures. Thanks,

volscats said...

Did you like Bread and Wine? I have it but have not read it yet.

Julie said...

Shari - I have enjoyed Bread and Wine. It is not a "deep" book per se but I have enjoyed that it is an easy book to discuss with a wide spectrum of other women. Most of the recipes we have tried, we love.


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