Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pickin 'n Bammin Oranges

Ever heard the joke that if you keep your car unlocked on Sunday in the South, after church, it will be filled with squash and zucchini? 

It's true.

Almost the same is true of citrus this time of year in Arizona.

Except, we don't leave our car unlocked in Phoenix.  Instead, we invite ourselves to friends' houses who have citrus trees.  

We picked a few the size of softballs but were rather dry inside.  I hated to just toss them in the trash, so I asked Mr. Intensity if he wanted to bam them.

Wanna guess what he said?

[He also likes to bam toothpicks, ice, nails, and  cereal among other things.]
And a big-o-thanks goes out to Aunt Lauren who sent a fun Valentine package!  Lauren, you'll be pleased to know he made some Valentines for me on the Incredibles note pad.  It was sweet.

Speaking of sweet: I made this recipe for chocolate play doh; it smells divine.  The guys had gone to hike Squaw Piestwa Peak so I surprised Mr. Intensity with the fun doh when they returned for him to use the heart mold Aunt Lauren sent.

The texture of the dough wasn't my favorite.  I like the cooked version best.  However, it did resemble real chocolate!


Megret said...

Ha! The comment about the unlocked car/zucchini/squash made me laugh out loud. Our car's backseat was nearly always full of veggies (I distinctly remember collards) after church from, say, April thru September. :)
Thanks for jogging the memory!

sandy said...

We made chocolate playdough too! Our recipe is for the cooked variety. The texture is perfect:0)

Anonymous said...

I missed the pic of the chocolate play dough. I'll will have to make that. Glad it arrived...

Julie said...

Lauren, make sure to use Sandy's recipe for the cooked playdoh (see comment before yours).


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