Saturday, May 16, 2009

Another Farm Visit

Arkansas' state nickname is The Natural State.  It's been fun to find reasons why.  We visited another farm this week.

Before I tell you about this farm visit, I must introduce to you a good friend.  Having her in my life has been such a blessing!  Seriously.  Last night I was thinking how different my transition to Little Rock would have been without her.  I'd probably be medicated for depression if it weren't for her.  :)

This is Holly.  She has a crazy intense spirited son, a year younger than mine.  We understand each other.  

 She is also blessed with the sweetest twin girls (~15 months old).  I mean sweet, y'all.  Every bit of the word.  They give me kisses and don't wipe their face when I kiss them.

When we go places together, we get strapped up then try to keep up with the boys. 
In these pictures we're visiting a small farm. (Farm owner in purple hat.)

For some strange reason, Mr. Intensity wasn't acting himself.  He was a bit reserved.  Maybe it was because the owners told him about the electric fence.  Or, maybe because the lead Momma cow was a bit, ahem, bossy.
Even when we left the cow pasture, he didn't really seem interested in the chickens.  Maybe it was because we'd already been there and done that.
Most definitely the highlight of the day was when we went to get back in the van.  A chicken was trying to lay an egg in the backseat!!  Guess we left the door open a bit too long.
Once home I made butter. Incredible butter.  Butter so yellow that I had to take a picture - it looked like orange play dough.  It's all natural....from the Natural State.


Mom and Kiddo said...

mmmmm that butter looks yummmmmy

John and Pam said...

What a great day! Glad you had fun. How did you make the butter?

Julie said...

to make butter - I skimmed the cream from the top of the milk then put it in the blender. After a few minutes it separates (butter and buttermilk). Then you squish the butter in icy water so that all the buttermilk is extracted. This step keeps the butter from going rancid as fast.

chrys said...

mmmmmmmmm, that butter!!!!!!!

and the chicken in the backseat cracked me up!

Julie said...

I love the chicken in the backseat! Ha ha

Bethany said...

LOL @ the chicken, that totally cracks me up :) It looks like everyone had a fun day, though :)

The butter looks delicious!!!!


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