Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weekend Snapshots

Brother and his friend willingly prepared gourds for the compost pile - by smashing them to smithereens.  Good.  Clean.  Fun.
It was so fun they begged to smash one pumpkin from the pile.  I relented.  I think I had as much fun simply watching them.
My best gal pal, who lives 3 doors down, has a birthday this month.  December 12 to be exact.  The calendar date, if you've not thought about it, is 12/12/12.  So, we're celebrating "12 Days of HB" leading up to December 12 (I've involved other friends).  Each day a birthday elf leaves a small present on her doorstep.
Of course the weekend means chores.  Hubby planted a bag of about 50 daffodil bulbs (love him!) while Brother and Sister raked the yard.  She did it just for fun - and was actually a help - while he continues to earn money for Gospel for Asia.  I made about 2 gallons of chili while orchestrating yard work efforts.  We ate some today but I will freeze a great portion of it for when baby comes.
She also helped Daddy cover my elephant ears with mulch.  Our winters are quite mild (we're zone 7) so according to my master gardener friend, a hearty dose of mulch, leaves and more mulch are sufficient to protect the roots and we need not dig it up.  Yay.
While Sister napped, the finishing touches were added to the front of the house.

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mhutsell said...

Sister's jeans are TOOO TOOO much! Love them. And the house looks wonderful!


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