Sunday, December 9, 2012

Weekend Snapshots

Now that the weather is cooler, I can stand to turn my oven up to 525* so we've re-instituted "Friday night is pizza night."  I also made this amazing salad.  If you're bored with salad, make this one.  Arugula and beets do not disappoint.
Sister is loving sorting the silverware.  Brother is thrilled that she will help him with dishes.
By the front door Hubby hung this sign I made.
Sister has enjoyed pulling off the sticker "buttons" from the snowman on the fridge.  This morning, I caught her moving the smile to an adjacent picture...except she turned the smile into a mustache.  I don't think it was purposeful, but it made me LAUGH OUT LOUD.  She started first with Dan, then moved it to Emily.
And finally put it on their baby...which totally cracks me up.  This family babysat for us last week and Sister was enamored by their baby.  I was thankful they brought their baby, who worked as a distraction, because Sister has some pretty extreme separation anxiety from me (that has been going on as long as I can remember.)
As for a pregnancy update - I know some of you people want a picture of the belly...oy!  There are about 5 weeks to go and yesterday a neighbor said, "I thought you were supposed to have that baby in November."  Yes, I am big - and uncomfortable - but I still have FIVE MORE STINKIN' WEEKS TO GO.  I'll try to get a picture soon.

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